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Dong Ho Ultrasonic Malaysia is a Specialist in Plastic and Metal Welding. We Develop, Design, Fabricate & Service, Purely in Ultrasonic Industries.

Ultrasonic Welding is a well-known Technology Solutions and used in many industries, such as 


Automotive are Contained by the Autonomous Components, where a Large Number of Parts made of Thermoplastic. Ultrasonic Welding is Best Used in Joining Technology which are Suitable for the scenarios where Large Amounts of Parts are Welded.

Medical Technology

Ultrasonic Welding ensures Components Quality Stable and Maintain Functionality, yet in Addition, Provides Monitoring that Different Aptitudes can't be Given. A Client can Visualize and Manage the Data from 130 Forms.


The Sensors and Electrical Components are Applied in Industrial Manufacturing, Automation and Daily Life. Ultrasonic Welding will be the Most Suitable for the Processes of Producing Components.


A Good Package can ensure Food Quality Better and keep the Preservation Time of Healthful Nutritional longer. Besides, Ultrasonic sealing is a financial decision for thermal seal.

Home appliance

In the processes of delivering the Daily Consumption Parts, Ultrasonic Technology can be used to reduce the cost and makes the greatest opportunity for the production line. Meanwhile, it can meet the requirements of appearance, speed or geometric shape.

Hygiene products

Ultrasonic Technology with totally cleaning makes the fantasies in Non-Woven Material procedure work out. The materials will be associated together by mostly delivered heat under Ultrasonic.

Dong Ho Ultrasonic Welding Applications

Dong Ho Ultrasonic for Quality Products They can Trust. Our Machine & Their Accessories are Manufactured with Superior Based Materials, Exceptional Care and Best Technologies Available. That’s why our Production Team Never Cuts Corners , with Careful Time Planning, Cares, and Resources Necessary to Ensure all Final Equipment Reaches High-Quality Standards.

Plastic Welding Parts

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding is Suitable for Virtually all Thermoplastics. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding shows every Single Thermoplastic Material that will be Associated with One Another in the Welding Seams. Under the Collaborations of Force and Energy, the Longitudinal Vibration and Wound Welding in a Frequency of 20kHz, 30kHz, 35kHz and 40kHz with an Amplitude Energy of 6 μm to 60 μm will be Guided to Plastic. The Weldment and the Form Structure will be Welded Together by Ultrasonic Vibration. The Materials will be Dissolved by Heat Delivered by Erosion of Contact Surface.

Metal Welding Parts

Ultrasonic welding on non-ferrous metals, (for example, cooper and aluminum) gives high speed less than one second. The welding time will rely upon the size of the welding hub. In the progress region of the strong material, the joint piece won't be embittered. The higher welding quality will be delivered by the unwinding procedure in two particle layers before going through a section under welding. Welding is comparative with dissemination welding, which can be numerous applications for metal.

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